May 2007

Apparently, my html code for the Mailing List Page was screwed up, and it was displaying a “you have unsubscribed” message while people were in fact signing up. (The notoriously screwy wysiwyg editor of wordpress stripped out some crucial tags before I disabled it. #$%%#@$%!! Sorry.)

No wonder I was getting multiple subscription requests from puzzled folks. But don’t worry — I got you all signed up! The mailing list page has all been patched. You are welcome to try again if you wish to. :-) And thanks to Ellen for alerting me. :-)

After moving back to Korea, my biggest concern was: where do I get beads and findings now? I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered a decent-sized bead and gemstone market in Seoul. And where else would such a place be, other than the fabled 남대문 시장 (Namdaemun market)?

Mesa shopping mall in Namdaemun Market.
I was lucky enough to catch the last glimpse of the gemstone mall’s 우주상가 (Woojoo mall) era; all bead shops formerly hosted in Woojoo mall are now relocated to a more modern and sleeker fare of 메사 (Mesa mall). Mesa mall itself houses groups of fashion-related mini malls on each floor. It is located right behind 신세계 백화점 (Shinsegae department store).

( continued… )

Well, it felt wrong to vanish without posting a few of my new designs first (and of course, I had to get one last “making-new-listing” rush ^^), so here they are. These will be listed with an announcement in the item descriptions, so they will hopefully help draw people to my shop front to learn about my shop going on vacation. Please check them out in my Etsy store.



Rae’s Creations Square ButtonMy Etsy shop is closing (for now)
After a year of Etsy bliss, I am closing my shop in order to take a break from selling activities and channel my energy into the creative process, and also to give due attention to my (other) career. The plan is to re-launch my shop around October for everyone’s holiday shopping needs. Current listings in my store are still available for sale, but no new items will be posted.

Maybe on Etsy, maybe not…
The new Rae’s Creations store might or might not be on Etsy. Judging from the speed with which Etsy evolves, there is a possibility that it will have a completely different landscape as a marketplace by then. I very much hope to continue on Etsy, but I will need to weigh my options for various selling venues for the re-launch.

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My Etsy shop is 1-year old as of 05/08 2007. What a year it has been! I am having a sale to celebrate it. The scoop:
  • sale ends on 05/15
  • 20-15% off on select items
  • A FREE surprise GIFT for all orders over $25 (after discount, excluding shipping charges)
I thank my super customers and wonderful Etsy friends. You know who you are! ^^

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P.P.S. My jewelry is going fast! Inventory has shrunken half down to 37 items.

P.P.P.S I am closing my shop indefinitely at the end of this sale. Please see my other post here.

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After much procrastination, I have launched my new blog.

I thought about opening up an account on blogspot, but it seemed like a simpler scheme to run my own from my own domain. After checking out wordpress, I thought I would give it a go. And voila — it was a breeze!

I hope to update this blog with latest news on my creations as well as random blurbs on jewelry making and crafting in general. Please visit back often!