July 2007

I’ve been tagged — by Tamara of McFarland Designs! In this blog post, she invited a few fellow jewelry designers to reveal their own jewelry wardrobe. I have to say I was confused at first as to what this “tagging” game was about. It took me a while, but I’ve finally figured it out: “tag, you’re it!”. :-) So, since I’ve been tagged and I’m a good player, here are a few of my favorite jewelry pieces.

Peruvian blue opal rondelles dangling from 10k earwires. If my house catches fire, these Peruvian opal beads are going to be among the first that I’d grab before I run for my life. (Yes, I’m feeling particularly silly and morbid today.) Seriously though, I know for sure that it’ll be hard to find something like these again. The color… translucency… they are dreamy! I am not sure if there are demands for solid gold pieces on Etsy, but I think I’ll come around to list these some day.
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32 brand-new designs of mine will go on sale soon in my Etsy shop. 3-4 new designs will be posted in my Etsy shop daily, all between July 11th (Wed) — July 18th (Wed).

I know, I am supposed to be closed till October, but just had to roll out my latest summer jewelry collection just in time for the vacation season. :-) Please scroll down to see the whole lineup.

Bought an item, but want to see what else I list before making a payment? No problem. You can make individual purchases, wait and see, and make one combined payment when you are done shopping. Just email me and ask for a combined invoice when you’re ready to pay!

A free pair of Thai silver post earrings! Two designs are available: leaf-stamped buttons and flowers. I was very excited when I found these — for some reason, post-style Thai silver earrings are very rare. They are super cute, and they match perfectly my bracelets and necklaces with Thai silver, which is pretty much everything. :-) The details:
  • Flower earrings for purchases of $50 or more
    Leaf earrings for all other purchases (totaling $49 or less)
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I have one last set of new designs to show off before new items go on sale in my Etsy shop next week!

New bracelets are shown in the top row, “berry branch” necklaces and charm necklaces in the middle, and earrings with oversized oval earwires at the bottom.



Please take a closer look at each design on this page: ( continued… )

I came across these while going through the big pile of my jewelry paraphernalia: a sunflower charm (11×14mm), a heart charm (9×9mm) and a leaf charm (10×10mm).

I made these charms while I was in a metalsmithing class, circa 2003 I believe, at University City Arts League in West Philly. This was my first project for the class. I picked up a piece of red wax and sculpted the original models, which then my teacher Claire took to a metal casting place to have them cast in sterling. After I received the cast pieces, I had to re-shape, oxidize, polish and give them the finishing touch. I was particularly happy with the way the sunflower charm turned out, so I had a mold made along with a couple duplicates. I enjoyed working tiny corners of wax figures, and it was such a delightful sensation to see those tiny, red wax blurbs transformed into weighty and shiny silver pieces. I’d love to try more in the future.

The jewelry class of UCAL had the most relaxed atmosphere — it doesn’t have much of fixed structure at all but feels more like a shared studio space with a teacher present. Each student picked out what she/he wanted to make, and Claire the teacher would help them out. There I learned how to cut, solder, hammer, polish and finish metal. Fun time! I was quite lucky to be living so close to such a wonderful establishment. If you live in or nearby Philly, I highly recommend checking out University City Arts League.
Ever since I changed my blog address about a week ago (explained in this post), I watched curiously and anxiously as Google blog search lose sight of my blog. I waited, re-submitted my blog address and even pinged, yet Google kept stalling, failing to index my new posts.

Today, I decided to read up on the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and made an eye-opening discovery. Well, apparently, a subdomain and a main domain are treated as separate entities by search engines. This means that my main domain (http://www.raescreations.com/) and my now-former blog address in a subdomain (http://blog.raescreations.com/) are seen as unrelated for indexing purposes! I am not sure if this is the direct cause of my blog’s Google search woes, but I have a feeling that this is a bad thing for me regardless.

So, I have once again moved my blog address, and for the last time this time. It is now located in a subdirectory of my main domain: http://www.raescreations.com/blog. I have to ask you once again to update your blog feed, if you are subscribing to my blog. It will be the last time, I promise!