Recently I’ve gotten myself completely hooked on carved gemstone leaves. What to make with them other than… big woven branches! :-) I’ve got two earring pairs made in different leaf sizes and color schemes:

The pair on the left is jewel-toned; it is made of peridot, apatite, citrine, garnet and pink tourmaline. The one on the right has a nice, autumn foliage color palette: sunstone, carnelian, garnet, smoky quartz and citrine. The leaves are larger and fatter on this pair. I am waiting out until it is deeper into the fall season and the falling leaves are on everyone’s mind before listing these in my Etsy shop. :-)

A note on the photographs: I haven’t been using this “floating over white background” style of photography in a long while. Somehow, my jewelry pieces photographed in this fashion seem to not fit in with my other pieces photographed against wooden or darker backgrounds. Now I am reminded of how nice these photos can be, especially when the object has transparent gems in them. I might try to get back into this style.