As a designer, I go through a phase every once in a while where I am hooked on a certain design element. Flowers are, for me, not one of them: it seems that I am perennially in the state of being hooked on them. :-) Thai silver flower charms and beads have always been my favorite thing to work with; I am also always on the lookout for flower-shaped gemstone beads with high-quality and detailed carving.

Continuing from my last designs of rose branch earrings, I created three additional earring pieces designed around rose blossoms. There are also a couple bracelets and a necklace featuring Thai silver flower components. Continue reading below for larger pictures!

Aaaaaah, just look at the translucent green color on these roses. The stone is called bowenite, and it is a cousin of serpentine. I almost hugged my supplier in joy when I found these in her shop. :-) Chrysoprase rough-cut rondelles sit atop the roses. The pair simply bursts in green.
Yellow jade carved roses and clusters of fossil coral rondelles. Fossil coral in a rondelle form is hard to find! Individual rondelle has different shades of soft yellow to brown, which goes nicely with the pastel-yellow roses.
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I wanted to make rose branch earrings incorporating silver roses. I was lucky that I had a perfect gemstone for the leaves: red garnet marquise! They make such an effortless match. These make me wish I had a tiny red dress to go with them. Or black. Nevermind, I’m just going to wear them with my jeans. :-)
This particular Thai silver flower connector is less life-like but rather playful in its form. I thought it would be fun to match it with a row of blue chalcedony coin beads.
One of my favorite uses of Thai silver flower pendants is holding together two strands of a multi-stranded bracelet. This bracelet features lovely aqua-blue-colored chalcedony stones in a heart briolette cut, all strung together with Thai silver liquid beads.
Available in my Etsy shop here.
White moonstone faceted nuggets are linked linearly. A Thai silver flower pendant functions as the closure. A stream-lined and classic tone prevails on this piece. This could make beautiful bridal jewelry.
This Thai silver flower pendant has a unique, star-like shape. I particularly like the fact that it hangs two-petal-side-up, and not one-petal-side-up (hope it’s clear what I mean by this). It is the centerpiece of a double-strand necklace made up of a strand of gorgeous rhodolite garnet rondelle and a bold-looking sterling silver chain.