I love making wire-wrapped rings. I am not as widely known for rings as other Etsy sellers such as starrydesigns and farafield, but I have had a fair share of successful ring designs of my own:
Most of them are set for retirement, so I wanted to come up with some fresh new ring designs. There are standard-sized stones that can easily be wrapped and turned into a ring, but I always felt that the center stone of a ring needs to pack a little more “punch”. The fine faceting and organic inclusions in the Aquamarine Ring make for that punch, and so does the disco-ball look on the multi faceting of the prehnite stone. This time, I wanted to use some interesting-looking free-form nugget stones. The advantage is that the resulting rings have the unique, one-of-a-kind quality; the downside is of course that these rings become limited edition, and might require individual photo shoots, which adds to the price.

I have had this labradorite nugget for a while, and I’ve always thought that it is shaped just right for a ring stone. Labradorite stones usually have fractures and rough areas which make them unsuitable for rings, but not this stone: wonderfully solid base, excellent solid black background with well-defined blue flashes. Not surprisingly, the ring stayed up in my store for only a couple of hours before it sold. I might be able to make more, I might not. We’ll see. :-)

These blue lace agate stones also have free-form flat nugget shapes that are just right for rings. I love the light blue bands going through the stones in wavy patterns: they give the stones tons of character. The stones to be used for this ring design have been carefully picked out, which are shown in the photo on the right.

The color on these carnelian nuggets are just surreal — such intense, translucent shades of orange. Also the cuts on them — they are step-cuts with swirly streaks. Each bead is differently cut yet is nicely balanced (and I was allowed to pick out only good stones at a small premium — it pays to be a frequent buyer ^^). This ring is available in my Etsy store here.

There was a time when I was purchasing every single stone I could find in this micro-faceted round shape (aka “disco ball”). My Green Spring Ring was a successful outcome of that obsession. I also had the same cut stones in black onyx, so it was only natural for me to turn them into a ring. The black micro sparkles on this stone are looking cool and seductive. This ring is available in my Etsy store here.

Also: I have a couple additional ring designs in the works. I am hoping that they will turn out successfully. I will put them up as soon as they are ready. Rings for everyone! :-)