I’ve been tagged — by Tamara of McFarland Designs! In this blog post, she invited a few fellow jewelry designers to reveal their own jewelry wardrobe. I have to say I was confused at first as to what this “tagging” game was about. It took me a while, but I’ve finally figured it out: “tag, you’re it!”. :-) So, since I’ve been tagged and I’m a good player, here are a few of my favorite jewelry pieces.

Peruvian blue opal rondelles dangling from 10k earwires. If my house catches fire, these Peruvian opal beads are going to be among the first that I’d grab before I run for my life. (Yes, I’m feeling particularly silly and morbid today.) Seriously though, I know for sure that it’ll be hard to find something like these again. The color… translucency… they are dreamy! I am not sure if there are demands for solid gold pieces on Etsy, but I think I’ll come around to list these some day.

I have had this pair for good 6-7 years now, and it’s that one pair that I reach out for almost without thinking. I think it was a jewelry shop in King of Prussia Mall outside of Philly that I bought them. It was a rather upscale jewelry shop, and I remember thinking “Gosh, the shop keeper is watching me and she knows that I’m going to walk out without buying a damn thing!”. Luckily, I found these. :-) It was one of my greatest jewelry finds.

Continuing with the flower theme, these are my Thai silver earrings that I adore. They get a lot of air time, so to speak. I love the shape of the silver flowers — they hit the right spot between “life-like” and “stylized”.

I think these came from “The General Shop” in center city Philadelphia, but I am not 100% sure. Again, a floral theme: four-petaled flower stud earrings. I rarely wear necklaces or bracelets, but when I do, I like to wear simple stud earrings such as these.

Tiny pearls dangle from hinged 14k gold rings. These are another pair that I absolutely cherish — they are classic, cute, feminine and comfortable. They are what I’d wear to job interviews and such. :-D I am trying to find if I can score the gold ring findings, but no success so far.

OK, so you can probably guess that my own jewelry tastes are a bit on the bland side. I don’t like to wear big pieces, and I don’t pay much attention to what I wear day to day. Strange, but true. And — I don’t like to wear anything other than earrings. The only exception is this necklace: a simple 14k gold chain with little balls. My graduate school friends chipped in and bought me these for my birthday years ago, and they made a beautiful choice.

Last but not least, there is always a “creation du jour”, so to speak: a piece that I created recently that’s become my favorite of the moment. My current favorite is these iolite linear earrings. Very sleek and pretty. Unfortunately their beauty is of the sort that does not translate into photos very well; it is more subtle and lacks the “bam!” factor that my other pieces seem to assert effortlessly in photos. I assure you, these are a true beauty in real life. I should know. :-)

OK, that was a fun exercise. I thank Tamara for inviting me to join. It got me thinking: I really should wear my pieces more often. And remember to carry my business cards with me at all times…!