I have one last set of new designs to show off before new items go on sale in my Etsy shop next week!

New bracelets are shown in the top row, “berry branch” necklaces and charm necklaces in the middle, and earrings with oversized oval earwires at the bottom.



Please take a closer look at each design on this page:

Beautiful pink rhodochrosite rectangles with Thai silver flower + leaf (top left). Aquamarine bracelet (top right) showcases rare, tablet-shaped aquamarine beads. The 5 beads exhibit different shades of blue and green — it looks as though sea water is trapped inside them! Labradorite faceted nugget bracelet (left): blinding blue flashes on the stones and Thai silver rings that make jangling sounds.

I have always liked the plain round shape better than the faceted round. “Plain” as it might be, it is THE quintessential form for beads! And this time, I have come up with a great design for showcasing the simplistic beauty of round beads: a pendant in the form of a berry branch, consisting of cascading round beads and complete with a Thai silver leaf. One with pink opal is shown on the left (some sort of red berries?), and one with blue onyx is shown on the right (blue berries?). They look yummy hanging from oxidized silver ball chains!

A single colorful gemstone briolette meets two Thai silver charms: ruby (left) and blue opal (right). The briolette drops and silver charms are carefully chosen to ensure that they form a nicely cohesive unit hanging side by side. The charm pendants hang cheerfully from oxidized silver ball chains.

New and stylish! Faceted gemstone briolettes hang under oversized sterling silver earwires. Carnelian drops (left) with vivid orange color and excellent translucency; labradorite drops with intense green flashes (right).