I remember some years ago thinking to myself “What is she thinking???” when Dana Kellin went gold. And then, after all this time, it suddenly caught up on me: I am officially going through a gold phase. I have long been suspecting that silver isn’t the right match to transparent gems such as topaz, clear quartz and all other more expensive kinds of stones. Gold does a much better job.

There are, however, problems with gold: (1) 14k gold filled is virtually unknown in Korean jewelry market, which makes it harder for me to come by, (2) 14k gold-filled findings are pretty limited in terms of designs and variety in the first place, (3) I have come to dislike vermeil silver, which is not at all pretty when tarnished, and (4) I am not yet ready to go all the way to solid gold. And a rather tangential issue: pictures of my gold pieces always seemed to come out lacking somehow, which I think came mostly from my old photo setups flattering more to silver than to gold. (This is one of the reasons behind my recent photo overhaul — see previous post.)

After giving it some thought, I decided to adopt gold-plated sterling silver. As explained in this earlier post of mine, the Korean jewelry industry has embraced all sorts and manners of “x-plated sterling silver”, where “x” can be brass, gun-metal, gold, platinum, copper, etc. It took me a while to get used to the idea, but once I did, it opened up a whole new world of design possibilities. Unlike vermeil, gold-plated sterling silver is much more resistant to tarnishing, which makes it more safe to mix with 14k gold-filled components.

So here they are, my latest creations in glorious gold. If they are not in my Etsy store, they will be soon. Enjoy!

“Flutter” earrings with London blue topaz rondelles. 14k gold-filled earwires and gold-plated sterling silver headpins.

“Flutter” earrings with Peruvian blue opal heishi beads. 14k gold-filled earwires and gold-plated sterling silver headpins.

Another pair of “Flutter” earrings with pink tourmaline. I love the light weight design of these earrings. “Flutter” earrings are also available in silver (a silver pair with labradorite is currently available in my store).

Lapis Lazuli teardrop briolette drops are wrapped in gold. 14k gold-filled earwires and wire.

Rhodochrosite briolettes dangle from “dolphin”-style gold hooks. Gold-plated sterling silver earwires and 14k gold-filled wire.

Ruby heart-shape briolettes dangle from “dolphin” gold hooks.

Seafoam green chalcedony briolettes are wrapped and hang from lightly hammered gold filled earwires. 14k gold filled earwires and wire.

Green peridot heart-shape briolettes hang from “dolphin” gold hooks.

Citrine teardrop briolettes hang from golden hoops. 14k gold-filled earwires and wire. Photo was taken earlier against my usual aged wood background.

Pompoms gone gold! Peruvian blue opal rough cut rondelles are all rolled up in gold. 14k gold-filled earwires and gold-plated sterling silver components.

Yellow tourmaline smooth drops hang from “dolphin” gold hooks.

Orange sparkles and gold — a winning combination. AAA+ sunstone briolettes, 14k gold-filled earwires and wire.

No other shades can out-green the green color of chrome diopside! The color looks almost poisonous, if you ask me. Definitely looks right in gold. 14k gold-filled earwires and all other findings.

Translucent Peruvian blue opal heishi beads cascade down like a vine. All findings are gold plated over sterling silver.

Yep, these are all earrings. I am currently working on necklaces — please expect to see in the near future lots of gemstone solitaire necklaces, in gold. :-)