If anyone’s noticed, I have kept my ebay store all this time: http://stores.ebay.com/Raes-Creations, although it has been left empty with a “I’m moving” notice in front. I pulled all the listings late last year with the intention to focus on my Etsy shop, but I couldn’t dare to let go of the store. Etsians love to hate ebay (as evidenced by frequent bashing in the Forums), but I still love ebay for the monster of a marketplace that it is, and I did not want to let that store address go as I am aware that there are other designers operating under similar names. And yes, I’ve been paying up the $16 monthly fee all this time.

Then I suddenly came to a realization — I COULD have BOTH Etsy and ebay stores up (duh!). Filling my ebay store isn’t going to be too much work, as all my item descriptions and photos are already ready… So, I have begun to replenish my ebay shop. It is not meant to be as full as my Etsy shop, and it will mostly have higher-end items. I do not have high expectations for it either — I probably will keep my items in the “store” area and not do the eye-poppingly expensive “send to auction” thing, which means my visibility will be (severely) limited. I am hoping that I could sell a piece or two a month, just enough to cover my ebay fees. I already did recoup some cost — a necklace was sold the other day, which was a pleasant surprise.