My focus has been on making bigger, complex pieces lately, and the staples of my jewelry line have been neglected as a result: affordable, everyday silver earrings with rustic appeal. Strangely enough, I realized that this cool period came from… fatigue from making my own earwires. :-) Apparently, I spend too much mental energy on getting every detail and especially the contours of my earwires right. Luckily, once I got back into the mood I was rolling out new earwires and designs in no time.

For some reason I have long had this aversion to carrying variations of the same design in my shop. It somehow felt indecisive as a designer to make available essentially the same design only with different gemstones, when I should be offering one and only version of a design, painstakingly refined to perfection! Haha… Well, I decided to get off the rather maniacal high horse and try offering design series. After all, it would be good to give customers some choices as to their preferred gemstones and color schemes. I have conjured up a couple of “lines” here.  

Cocoon earrings
Glowing gemstone rounds are nestled under Thai silver woven beads. Offered with chrysoprase and rhodochrosite.

Hooplet earrings
Small clusters of colorful gemstones dangle under sterling silver hoops. I love the free-form shapes of the silver hoops; some are close to triangles. These are offered with Peruvian blue opal, grossular garnet, hessonite garnet and apatite.

Rhayader earrings
Petite faceted gemstone rounds dangle under Thai silver circle charms. These are like small chandelier earrings. Offered in amazonite, amethyst and garnet.

Peruvian blue opal nugget earrings
No “series” for this one. :-) Peruvian opal nugget drop earrings. These free-form nugget shape goes well with the handmade elongated earwires. I’d love to make a few similar pairs if I can get other similarly shaped stones.