February 2008

I regularly check up Kitco’s silver price page. Today, silver price was $19.78/oz. It very well could be that tomorrow it’ll go over the $20 mark. It’s… pure insanity. I started jewelry making back when the price was measly $4+/oz, and that was only 6 years ago.
At this price, $14/oz is suddenly looking OK. I do hope that the market calms down after a while. Luckily, I don’t have any urgent need for restocking silver at the moment, but I will be running out in a couple months for sure. The only regret I have is that I cannot take advantage of the ever growing silver scrap pile of mine — it’s at over 20 oz at this point — which surely will be lucrative to sell. If I were in the US, I’d be cashing this in with grim satisfaction. In Korea, cashing scrap silver is more complicated, as refineries will not accept bits of silver wire. Well, my parents’ stash of silver spoon and chopstick sets is looking awfully tempting now. :-) ( continued… )
Truth be told, I can’t keep my hands off labradorite. I buy too much labradorite. I spend too much time staring at and admiring my labradorite stones. I make too many labradorite pieces. As a result, I always have new labradorite pieces that are on a cue waiting to be photographed and listed, because I don’t want the front page of my shop plastered with the stone. Luckily they are single best selling stone of mine too (probably not unrelated to the sheer listing volume ^^), so the turn around time is shorter.

As much as I love the stone, it gives me tremendous headache, because it is notoriously hard to photograph due to its labradorescence, commonly referred to as “flashes” and “fire”. Moreover, the labradorescent quality is unique to individual stone pieces, which makes using stock photos for a design almost impossible. Nevertheless, all these qualities are what makes the stone particularly well suited and attractive in handmade jewelry. The love goes on.

Here I have a few new labradorite pieces that I will be listing in my Etsy shop shortly. Normally I would put up some nominal effort to sprinkle other stones in between labrado listings, but this time I might just let myself go. :-) Enjoy! ( continued… )

I’ve been tagged, again! Last time I was tagged, it was by McFarland Designs, and I totally did not grasp the rule of the game. But this time, I am determined to get it right. So here it goes. So Cindy of Starry Designs challenged me (here and here) to dish out 7 articles of dirt on myself. Let’s get to it!
  1. I am currently on my 5th Thinkpad: A gorgeous (to me anyway) T43. My first one was Thinkpad 560, bought in 1995; it still works.
  2. I like my cereal soggy. I even microwave my milk for 10 seconds to expedite the soggifying process.
  3. I listen to 70’s rock music, mostly British. Camel and Focus are my personal gods.
  4. I was an elementary school valedictorian. :-D
  5. The single place that I lived in the longest in my life was this apartment in Philadelphia where I stayed for 6 years.
  6. My parents once lived on a ranch and at one point had 18 dogs, including 2 batches of new-born puppies.
  7. Salt & Vinegar is my favorite potato chip flavor (which is not available in Korea… sniff).
Mesmerizing, no? :-D ( continued… )
I love my necklaces small and simple, so mini solitaire necklaces featuring a single drop of colorful gemstone are just my style. Plus, I enjoy making that little coiled bail top on briolettes — there is something extremely gratifying in topping little briolettes off this way. :-) There is no shortage of briolette stones in my possession for these projects, of course, and in time I will be rolling them out in a necklace form.

As a starter, I have a few mini solitaire necklaces ready to be listed in my Etsy store. Some are in 14k gold-filled and others are in the usual oxidized sterling silver. Enjoy! ( continued… )