December 2008

Another series of necklaces in my store: THREADABLE pendants and chains. If you are in computer science (like I am, partly), you will know that the term “threadable” means something completely different (read: nerdy) in software architecture; in my Etsy store, however, it means excellent necklace choices. :-)

I have been making quite a few simple pendant-style necklaces lately, and I got to thinking: wouldn’t it be nice to be able to purchase favorite pendants and favorite chains separately and wear them interchanging-ly? So, voila! Pendants are available in this section in my Etsy shop, and chains in this section. I’ve got quite a few pendant choices up including some briolette drops and others (endless choices to come, of course); as for chains, I’ve got: ball chain, cable chain, curb chain, satellite chain, and my signature double-strand chain with an extender. The smallest bails that I use on these pendants have a 3.5mm hole, so I made sure to use all chain parts that are small enough for them. As always, more photos after the jump! ( continued… )

Etsy blog is running a series of special “shop local” features focusing on different regions all over the world, and I got included in this “shop Asia” article!

Special thanks to Cindy (starry designs) and all other wonderful Etsy-Asia sellers who pitched in. Aren’t we a lovely bunch? :-) Makes me so proud… As for me, the deal was to provide a photo of myself taken in Korea, and it turns out I didn’t have any on hand (doh!) and had to rush a photo shoot. The result is me standing in front of the buildings where I work (Korean Studies Hall, Korea University). Yep — we Koreans prefer our buildings in bright primary colors. :-)