Well, it pours when it rains! I have a barrage of new stock coming into my Etsy store. I have accumulated quite a big lot of new pieces during my recent down time, but I haven’t had the time to take photos and list them. But wait no more.

Most pieces are not new designs per se… They are rather familiar affairs with some twists such as: simple briolette solitaire necklaces and briolette drop earrings. There are my hugger earrings in exciting new shades of orange and emerald green. And then there are some pieces incorporating some fresh design elements. Highlights of this new stock after the jump. Enjoy!

rhodochrosite, sterling silver

These are dubbed “Cherry Moon” earrings. I totally scored with this new rhodochrosite purchase. The beads have the most wonderful translucent cherry pink color. Most of them sport a bit of matrix close to the hole, which makes them even more lovely.

chrysoprase, sterling silver

Classic briolette wire wrap earrings. These are substantially sized chrysoprase briolettes. I made sure to get the wrapping parts nice and chunky; they came out nicely I think.

green rutilated quartz, sterling silver

Rutilated green quartz briolettes wrapped in sterling silver. Charming green needles shooting through these stones. Very unique.

rhodochrosite, sterling silver

These small rhodochrosite heart briolettes come in two batches; one sports a more opaque but saturated pink color, and the other more translucent, cherry-shade of pink. They look even lovelier mixed together I think.

emerald, sterling silver

This is one of the two exciting new shades for my hugger earrings: emerald green. The emerald stones exhibit a highly saturated emerald green color.

spessartite, sterling silver

“Unapologetically cheerful orange” is how I would describe the color. Hugger earrings with spessartite garnet, also called mandarin garnet.

labradorite, hill tribe silver, sterling silver

Labradorite beads of various shape and size are mixed and linked together with Hill Tribe silver beads. Photographing labradorite pieces can be an exercise in futility. I obsessively go through take after take, hoping to capture as many of those illusive flashes. I think I did a decent job with this one, after taking 60+ shots. But please believe me when I tell you that every labradorite stone has excellent flashes.

Peruvian blue opal, hill tribe silver, sterling silver

Peruvian blue opal briolette is wire-wrapped and hangs next to an exotic Hill Tribe silver leaf pendant.

chrysoprase, Hill Tribe silver, sterling silver

A cluster of chrysoprase bustles from below a nicely 3-D Hill Tribe silver leaf pendant. Very leafy, hence the name “Foliage Necklace”. :-)

ruby, sterling silver

Two ruby rondelles are wire-wrapped and dangle from oxidized Bali silver earwires. I find this form factor very “effective”: the focus is all on the small yet impactful gemstone rondelle, as it should be.

labradorite, sterling silver

A simple labradorite drop necklace. There are lots of drop necklaces in like this the new stock. The form is just classic… it always works!

moss amethyst, sterling silver

A precious moss amethyst briolette hangs from a sterling silver ball chain. Need I say more about moss amethyst? The stone just rocks. (Hmm… there’s a pun there… it wasn’t intended but is cool nevertheless.)

amazonite, Hill Tribe silver, sterling silver

There’s something special about these amazonite beads. Their blue shade, apparently all natural, is highly saturated sky blue, unlike “regular” amazonite out there. Very pretty. They are matched up with two Hill Tribe silver charms.

moss aquamarine, sterling silver

Beautiful moss aquamarine briolette dangles from a wheel-shaped sterling silver bead. I am running low on these moss aquamarine briolettes, whose seawater-like color and composition I just love. Grab this one if you feel the love too!

chrysoprase, Hill Tribe silver, sterling silver

The square printed silver pendant is called “wish pendant”, and it apparently bears some cultural significance in Hill Tribe where it is made. A small chrysoprase nugget dangles underneath.