I’ve been tagged, again! Last time I was tagged, it was by McFarland Designs, and I totally did not grasp the rule of the game. But this time, I am determined to get it right. So here it goes. So Cindy of Starry Designs challenged me (here and here) to dish out 7 articles of dirt on myself. Let’s get to it!
  1. I am currently on my 5th Thinkpad: A gorgeous (to me anyway) T43. My first one was Thinkpad 560, bought in 1995; it still works.
  2. I like my cereal soggy. I even microwave my milk for 10 seconds to expedite the soggifying process.
  3. I listen to 70’s rock music, mostly British. Camel and Focus are my personal gods.
  4. I was an elementary school valedictorian. :-D
  5. The single place that I lived in the longest in my life was this apartment in Philadelphia where I stayed for 6 years.
  6. My parents once lived on a ranch and at one point had 18 dogs, including 2 batches of new-born puppies.
  7. Salt & Vinegar is my favorite potato chip flavor (which is not available in Korea… sniff).
Mesmerizing, no? :-D

OK, now to the task of tagging poor, unsuspecting friends and colleagues. I tag:

  • Yazmin of A Pretty Rock.
    She makes elegant, beautiful jewelry, and she could easily make a living as a photographer too!
  • Wan of My Green Vespa.
    A long time customer and wonderful commenter of my blog. Runs a jazzy blog!
  • Sue & Rose of Subu, Inc.
    Beautiful notebooks and pottery in her shop!
  • Karen of A Bowl of Beads
    A long time customer and a talented designer!
  • Kris of Coquito Designs and Indie Love.
    One of my first “supporters”, Kris runs an exquisite jewelry shop and a blog devoted to promoting indie designers. Please visit her blog!
Now perceptive readers must have noticed that there are only 5 taggees. The rule of tagging mandates I tag 7. I say screw the rules (this time knowingly): 5 is an equally good number. :-D Well, actually, I was going to tag Tamara of McFarland Designs and Ginger of MsBelle, only to realize that they have already been tagged by Starry. OK, Now off to give these lucky folks a notice…