The weather was sunny and sweltering, I had set a few days of down time, so I sat down, with my AC blowing in full, with my beads. It was heaven! This is my idea of a perfect vacation: far from sitting in a car for hours, waiting to move up an inch in an endless queue of cars, getting to some resort literally swarming with people. Yep — this is a notorious vacation season in Korea, when everybody rushes to places filling up the roads and vacation spots. After one day of vacation hell, I was ecstatic to be able to stay home with my stones. But I digress…

This time, I was in the mood for simpler, stream-lined compositions. There are a few gemstone solitaire type necklaces, pendant necklaces with Thai Hill Tribe silver charms, and wire-wrapped earrings. Some of them have been already listed in my Etsy store, some of them have already been sold, and the rest are yet to be listed. More photos below!

Apatite rondelles, sterling silver

I love the way the rondelles dangle loosely and freely from the hand-forged sterling hoops. And what a delicious shade of peacock blue on the apatite stones!

Available here in my Etsy store.

Moss amethyst briolettes, 14k gold-filled

Moss amethyst is currently on my favorites list. The rutile patterns on these stones are unique to individual beads, making each stone different. I feel that gold looks better with them, but sterling silver also looks cool.

Available here in my Etsy store.

“Golden Eyes” — Golden rutilated quartz, sterling silver

Another current favorite of mine — golden rutilated quartz. I never get bored staring at these stones. The golden needles are shooting in every direction, and they look like they are alive or something. :-) These stones are quite expensive too, and for a good reason, I say.

Available here in my Etsy store.

“Abacus” — Labradorite, sterling silver

Dubbed “Abacus”: stacks of labradorite wheel rondelles are wire-wrapped in herringbone weave. I find that this setup suits labradorite particularly well: I can arrange individual rondelles so that the flashy facade faces front, maximizing the flash effect.

Yellow quartz, Thai Hill Tribe Silver, sterling silver

I love these Hill tribe silver flowers. They look adorable coupled with luminous micro-faceted yellow quartz rounds.

Available here in my Etsy store.

Heliodor, 14k Gold-filled

Clusters of honey-yellow heliodor rondelles dangle from 14k gold-filled earwires. A sunny and delightful pair of earrings! Heliodor is a yellow variety of the beryl family; it is a close cousin of aquamarine and is often called yellow aquamarine.

Peridot, sterling silver

Lovely, grass-green colored peridot marquise beads are wire-wrapped into a spear-like shape. “Fresh” is the word I would use to describe these earrings.

Available here in my Etsy store.

Tourmaline, iolite, sterling silver

Another woven gemstone earrings: pink tourmaline, chrome-green tourmaline and iolite. A beautiful array of contrasting colors on this pair.

Available here in my Etsy store.

Tourmaline, peridot, sterling silver

This ring isn’t exactly new — I made it back when I was going overboard with cluster rings, along with my ruby rings. I love the way varying shades of green is represented in this ring. I decided that it was time to let it go, and there it went!

It was listed and then sold in my Etsy shop shortly after.

Rock crystal quartz, sterling silver

Here’s something different: a rock crystal quartz in a stylish baguette cut. The stone was hard to photograph, being clear and colorless and all, but at last I got a few good shots.

Available here in my Etsy store.

Moss aquamarine, Thai hill tribe silver, sterling silver

I love aquamarine, and I love moss aquamarine even more! A precious drop of moss aquamarine is placed on top of a beautiful Thai Hill Tribe silver leaf pendant. The effect is charming and dramatic.

Labradorite, Hill tribe silver, sterling silver

This necklace is fishy! :-) The labradorite marquise drop is shaped rather like a fish — it actually reminds me of a shark, due to the blue sheen on its black and glossy finish. It is nicely accompanied by more little fish, printed on a Hill tribe silver tag.

Available here in my Etsy store.

Lemon quartz, hill tribe silver, sterling silver

An oversized lemon quartz heart-shaped pendant hangs alongside a large Thai hill tribe silver leaf pendant. Simply delicious!

Now available in my Etsy shop here.

Labradorite, sterling silver

My classic solitaire necklace with a labradorite briolette. This labradorite stone and others (pictured in Etsy listing) to be used in this necklace have been hand-picked by me, and they exhibit truly beautiful labradorescence. With a simple design like this, the visual impact falls so much on the center piece, so the quality of the focal stones becomes crucial. The stones are certainly up for the task!

Available here in my Etsy store.

Moonstone, Hill tribe silver, sterling silver

Moonstone heart-shaped briolettes are woven into a little pendant, which is accompanied by a Hill tribe fern leaf pendant. The pendant is spiky and fun with a lot of charming details.

Carnelian, Hill tribe silver, sterling silver

A carnelian marquise cut briolette dangles alongside a pretty Hill tribe silver flower. A necklace doesn’t get any sweeter than this! The vivid, electric orange color on the carnelian stone is almost blinding.

It has been sold in my Etsy store.

aquamarine, sterling silver

A large, pendant-sized aquamarine briolette is wire-wrapped and hangs from a free-form sterling silver ring. It was a bit difficult for me to decide to part with this particular stone: it just looks like a piece of foamy sea water with its crystaline inclusions.

Hydrothermal quartz, sterling silver

A teal-green colored hydrothermal quartz (a synthetic, lab-grown quartz) hangs from an oxidized silver chain. A classic solitaire necklace.

Available here in my Etsy store.

Blue topaz, Hill tribe silver, sterling silver

Stacked together are: Hill tribe silver ring bead, Hill tribe silver printed disk charm, and a top-q1uality blue topaz heart-shaped briolette. For some reason, I couldn’t get a satisfying photo out of this necklace, which is all the more gorgeous in person. I might try for more shots later today.

Turquoise, Hill tribe silver, sterling silver

A turquoise briolette hangs with a Hill tribe silver tag charm and a Hill tribe silver pleat bead. I find that turquoise is one of the stones that look great with silver charms.

Chalcedony, prehnite, Hill tribe silver, sterling silver

Bubbly! A chalceony teardrop, a prehnite teardrop and a Thai Hill tribe silver flower charm are put together. A lovely ensemble.

It was sold in my Etsy store. I should be able to make more just like it — please let me know if you’re interested.

Vesuvianite, sterling silver

Truth be told, I like the olive green shade of vesuvianite more than any other green gem varieties. Recently I decided to make another necklace out of my beloved vesuvianite stash, and the result was very much satisfying. Behold the gemminess! :-)

It was sold in my Etsy store.