My silver-loving customers, of which there are many, don’t need to worry about a thing: the rustic beauty of oxidized silver is not lost on me (NEVER!). :-) I have a few new silver pieces coming up in my Etsy store. Additionally, most gold designs of mine can be made in silver, although the other direction does not work too often. So if a customer of mine sees some design in gold and would rather like it in silver, she can always ask me. (Please do!)

There are many pieces featuring labradorite. My suppliers have been doing a superb job luring me with their exquisite labradorite acquisitions. It’s one stone that is super hard to purchase online, since the chatoyancy of the stone is difficult to accurately represent in photos. I am very lucky in that regard to have such wonderful brick-and-mortar stores right in the city.

Enough with words… here they are. Enjoy!

A charm necklace with a blue chalcedony briolette, a white coral round and Hill Tribe silver charms. Oxidized sterling silver ball chain. I am getting back into this charmed necklace style, so more of these might be in store in the future.

A Peruvian opal briolette dangles under a Hill Tribe silver flower. Oxidized silver ball chain. I recently grabbed the last strand of these beauties that my supplier had left to sell. My hoarding instincts worked in my favor at last! Quality of this level is simply RARE, and I honestly don’t know if I can ever find gems like these again. Hope my current stock will last for a while.

“Flutter” earrings with labradorite heishi-cut rondelles. Gold versions are available with other stones. Although I think silver works better with labradorite, these can also be made in gold upon requests.

A whole lot of labradorite faceted rounds are wire-linked into a necklace. These wire-linked necklaces are time consuming to make, but they can’t be beaten by other designs in their classic, timeless quality.

Labradorite faceted rounds again, wire-linked into a bracelet.

Elongated chalcedony briolettes are wire-wrapped in silver.

My triple SS chain necklaces (with labradorite, with black garnet) were such a crowd-drawer. This one’s a follow up to the design, with one of the best labradorite drops that I have seen to date. It sports intense blue flashes against black background. I will be sad when this one’s gone for sure. :-)

This design is not new, but the photos are. A cascading pendant made of Peruvian blue opals and Hill Tribe silver.

This one has been around for quite some time too, although I haven’t sold quite as many copies as the Peruvian opal one above. A cascading pendant made of genuine ruby stones and Hill Tribe silver. I was very much unhappy with my previous photos, but the new ones are looking good!

New “Waterfalls” earrings with cool-colored gemstones: moss aquamarine, London blue topaz, iolite and black garnet. I rarely mix gemstones and colors, but mix-and-match was exactly the point of this design. These are fun (but time-consuming) to create!

“Waterfalls” earrings with warm-colored gemstones: peach moonstone carved leaves, rock crystal carved leaves, smoky quartz, moonstone, and citrine.