I love my necklaces small and simple, so mini solitaire necklaces featuring a single drop of colorful gemstone are just my style. Plus, I enjoy making that little coiled bail top on briolettes — there is something extremely gratifying in topping little briolettes off this way. :-) There is no shortage of briolette stones in my possession for these projects, of course, and in time I will be rolling them out in a necklace form.

As a starter, I have a few mini solitaire necklaces ready to be listed in my Etsy store. Some are in 14k gold-filled and others are in the usual oxidized sterling silver. Enjoy!

Featuring : a amall chalcedony teardrop briolette. This stone is the smallest of all shown there.

Featuring: a carnelian marquise drop in an electric orange color. Very yummy!

Just look at the color of the vesuvianite briolette! A very nice stone with vivid olive green color and excellent clarity. 14k gold filled chain, wire and other findings.

A heart-shaped chrysoprase briolette is wrapped in silver. Beautiful soft apple green color on this stone! This drop is among the largest in this batch (13mm across).

A carnelian briolette is wire-wrapped in gold. This one is sporting a vivid and translucent orange color, just like the marquise one shown above.

A perhnite marquise drop is wrapped in silver. A translucent soft green color on this stone!

A Peruvian blue opal drop is wrapped in gold. Nice soft seafoam blue colors on this stone that practically glows!