October has quietly come and gone (that was fast!), and I am happy to usher out a new line of jewelry before the year passes.

I have always fancied making a series with birthstones; I have finally gotten around to it, just in time for Christmas 2008, no less! I was going to use rondelles, as I already had the most variety of stones in that form, and I knew that the design needed to be consistent and kept as simple as possible. So here are the precious birthstones, accompanied by a single lovely Hill Tribe silver charm. I am calling them TAB necklaces. I used different charms for different gemstones, and together they look like one happy family.

This is part one of my post showing 6 of them; the remaining six will be posted in part 2, which include amethyst for February, aquamarine for March, emerald for May, peridot for August, sapphire for September, and pink tourmaline for October.

And of course, the birthstones leave out so many of my (and my customers’) favorite stones (chrysoprase, for example!). TAB necklaces will be made available for these stones later on. Don’t miss the big photos after the jump!

Wine red garnet with a rose-shaped Hill Tribe silver charm.

Well, April’s “real” birthstone is diamond, but we all know how this stone is (rather out of reach, that is). Rock crystal quartz is an unassuming stand-in. With a Hill Tribe silver leaf charm.

The birthstone of this month is moonstone; pearl is however a widely accepted organic gem alternative. Freshwater pearls accompanied by a Hill Tribe silver leaf charm.

Ruby is an unchallenged birthstone of July (some sources suggest carnelian as an alternative, but come on, carnelian?). Plump ruby rondelles with a lovely young flower bud charm.

Yellow topaz and citrine are birthstones of November. AAA+ rated golden citrine rondelles with a printed tab silver charm.

Blue topaz is the birthstone of December, with turquoise being a commonly accepted alternative. Gem-grade London blue topaz rondelles with a printed heart silver charm.