Not a moment to soon! Here are the remaining six birthstone TAB necklaces: amethyst for February, aquamarine for March, emerald for May, peridot for August, sapphire for September, and pink tourmaline for October. Again, coy and cheerful triples of gemstone rondelles coupled with a lone Hill Tribe silver charm.

The scene stealers in this group are the May and September stones: emerald and sapphire. I had my doubts as to whether or not I will be able to succeed in sourcing reasonable quality stones in just the right size and shape. It was wrong of me to doubt — after some initial difficulties (and a few dropped jaws at discovering just how expensive these stones can be), I was able to find just what I needed. It was a worthy effort: what will birthstones be without emeralds and sapphires? (Diamonds are an entirely different matter… people are more forgiving when it comes to that stone. ^^)

Anyhoo, this completes the Birthstone Edition of TAB necklaces. These will start appearing in my Etsy shop in a few days. As always, larger photos after the jump. Enjoy!

Purple amethyst is the stone for February. Amethyst is a pretty common stone, but finding the right colored stone is a challenge. I am quite fond of the purple shade of this particular batch of stones. The silver charm is very cool too — some kind of bell shape with a hole in the middle!

Aquamarine with a heart-shaped silver charm. Lovely sparkles on the aquamarine stones.

Lusciously green emerald rondelles with a cute silver leaf charm. The emerald stones are not quite the A+ grade material, but I am always the one to go for rougher, more natural and organic feel in my stones. The choice I had was between these stones and another set which was more regular in terms of cut but opaque and rather dull in color. I am glad that I got these instead; the colors are vivid, and they have some good transparency to them.

Fresh green colors of peridot matched with a petite silver flower charm. Can’t get any prettier than this!

Blue sapphire rondelles coupled with a small silver leaf charm. Beautiful colors, an excellent cut and good clarity on these sapphire stones. Again, I got pretty lucky in finding exactly what I needed.

Pink tourmaline rondelles accompanied by a lotus-stamped silver charm. I made sure to include a few different shades of pink tourmaline there, compounding the adorableness. Opal is supposed to be an alternative stone for October, but I am not sure if blue opal, which will be featured in the regular (non-birthstone) TAB necklace line, really counts for this.