Another series of necklaces in my store: THREADABLE pendants and chains. If you are in computer science (like I am, partly), you will know that the term “threadable” means something completely different (read: nerdy) in software architecture; in my Etsy store, however, it means excellent necklace choices. :-)

I have been making quite a few simple pendant-style necklaces lately, and I got to thinking: wouldn’t it be nice to be able to purchase favorite pendants and favorite chains separately and wear them interchanging-ly? So, voila! Pendants are available in this section in my Etsy shop, and chains in this section. I’ve got quite a few pendant choices up including some briolette drops and others (endless choices to come, of course); as for chains, I’ve got: ball chain, cable chain, curb chain, satellite chain, and my signature double-strand chain with an extender. The smallest bails that I use on these pendants have a 3.5mm hole, so I made sure to use all chain parts that are small enough for them. As always, more photos after the jump!

Aquamarine Drop Pendant

This one is a drop pendant made with an aquamarine briolette drop. The stone is quite sizable and has wonderful steely blue colors. It has some fracture lines running inside, but I am a fan of inclusions and imperfections, especially with aquamarine, as long as they do not affect the integrity of the stone. Lovely!

… And this is another aquamarine stone pendant (smaller than the one shown above) threaded on a double-strand sterling silver chain.

A double-stranded sterling silver chain. I decided to include an extender for added flexibility. I am not a big fan of extenders in general, mainly because its weight often causes the clasp slide to the front. Since this chain is composed of two chain strands and is weightier, there is less danger of that.

Labradorite Coil-Top Pendant

What would my pendant collection be without labradorite? :-) This is a labradorite pendant with a wire-wrapped, coiled bail top. I love this style of wire-wrapping. More to come in my store… soon!

… and the pendant looks wonderful on a double-strand chain.

Golden Rutilated Quartz Pendant

This pendant features a huge golden rutilated quartz briolette. The stone itself is about whopping 19.5 carats. And it features nicely defined streaks of golden needles. I have only one like it!

… and once again the pendant looks impressive on a double-strand chain. I would strongly recommend a double-stranded or a medium- or heavy-weight chain with this pendant.

Vesuvianite Briolette Pendant

Just look at the olive green color. I mean, I love green like anyone else, but there is something magical about this shade of green. The stone is quite sizable, and it has wonderful clarity to it.

Lemon Quartz and Hammered Ring Pendant

A lemon quartz teardrop briolette is wire-wrapped onto a sterling silver hammered ring.

Tiny Rock Crystal Quartz Briolette Pendant

I actually like my necklace drops tiny, and this one fits the bill. The pendant features a small and delicate rock crystal quartz teardrop. The tiny stone packs tons of sparkles thanks to its finely detailed faceting.