Where did the summer go? It’s officially fall, and here in Seoul the raging summer heat suddenly vanished. I had a wonderful, lazy summer, but I suppose it is time to get back into action.

Back in May, I was pondering the possibility of switching venues in the fall, as announced in this post. Well, the cool new season is here and it seems that my shop will be continuing on Etsy.

Etsy is not without faults, but it is still the best vehicle around for me and my jewelry. Of all the flaws and foibles Etsy boasts, I find its saturation problem most troubling. Back on August 10th, the jewelry category passed the 200,000 listing mark. (I made a rather excited post in the forums with a wrong title.) Today, the count is at 214,701. In just 3 weeks, the number of listings increased by 7.35%. According to my quick and dirty calculation, the jewelry category will reach another monumental number of 300,000 in about 15 weeks from now, just in time for Christmas. 400,000 will come even more swiftly: just another 11 weeks down the road.

( continued… )

OK, so my creative juice hasn’t exactly been flowing since my last sale of new designs. Many reasons… The sale kept me busy for a while which got me exhausted. I felt slightly guilty since I wasn’t making much progress in my day job. Also, I recently purchased a whole lot of gemstone briolettes, and while briolettes are the most beautiful among bead shapes, I find they tend to dictate simpler designs and not so much bursting creativity (or maybe that is just my own tendency ^^).

Well, I finally got my act together and made something new. Lovely rose branches, one with blue amazonite roses and another with red coral roses. The wire weaving techniques used in these earrings are not completely new to me — they are variations of my other designs such as these tourmaline earrings. I have always wanted to incorporate flowers in them, so here they are. I think they turned out nicely.

Labradorite marquise leaves are cascading atop blue amazonite carved rose beads. I am loving the combination of colors here — cool blue flashes on the labradorite beads and warmer pastel blue of amazonite.
(UPDATE: available now in my Etsy shop!)
(UDATE2: This pair was featured on Etsy front page on August 28th! It racked up 400+ views that day and 200 more the next. And it sold soon after. All hail to the power that is front page feature…)
Carved red coral roses are blooming under silky gray moonstone leaves. Well, let me tell you about the moonstone leaves. They are exquisite with intricate carving and excellent sheen. I’ve always found red and gray to go nicely together, so I was lucky that I had these red coral roses handy.

You’ll notice that I made the two pieces of these earring pairs asymmetrical — one with three leaves and the other with only two. I think this arrangement accentuates the natural and organic look of the design. When I list these in my Etsy store, however, I will probably give an option to make these pairs symmetrical, since I can understand if my customer favors a bit more conservative look.
(UADATE: I went back to my supplier to buy more of the coral beads. And they were all out! Occasions like this feed my already overblown hoarding instincts. Sigh…)

32 brand-new designs of mine will go on sale soon in my Etsy shop. 3-4 new designs will be posted in my Etsy shop daily, all between July 11th (Wed) — July 18th (Wed).

I know, I am supposed to be closed till October, but just had to roll out my latest summer jewelry collection just in time for the vacation season. :-) Please scroll down to see the whole lineup.

Bought an item, but want to see what else I list before making a payment? No problem. You can make individual purchases, wait and see, and make one combined payment when you are done shopping. Just email me and ask for a combined invoice when you’re ready to pay!

A free pair of Thai silver post earrings! Two designs are available: leaf-stamped buttons and flowers. I was very excited when I found these — for some reason, post-style Thai silver earrings are very rare. They are super cute, and they match perfectly my bracelets and necklaces with Thai silver, which is pretty much everything. :-) The details:
  • Flower earrings for purchases of $50 or more
    Leaf earrings for all other purchases (totaling $49 or less)
    ( continued… )
Unless I am just imagining it all, my best known work are my “pompom” earrings. They sell consistently, and they often get chosen by fellow Etsy users to be featured in their Treasuries. One pair (with rhodochrosite, the red pair on the right) even had the luck to grace the front page of Etsy.

It all began with the chrysoprase pair shown at the top. This pair occupies a special place in my heart in many ways. It was the very first item I listed in my Etsy shop, and it was my very first Etsy sale (within hours of listing as a matter of fact). It was the most-viewed (2000+ views) and most-hearted (66 hearts) item in my shop until it finally sold out after a year-long run on May 18th, which it achieved all without ever being featured on Etsy front page! Needless to say, it was something of an emotional moment for me when the last one in the stock sold, taking down with it all its hearts and views. (Now I only have enough chrysoprase beads to make a couple more pairs.)

( continued… )

Look what I’ve found! Thai silver post earrings with a leaf motive and a flower shape. Such lovely and sweet pairs of earrings. I love the compact form factor of stud-style earrings, but they are hard to find among Thai silver products. My guess is that the style is not in the roaster of traditional Hill Tribe silver craft, so they are only produced per supplier’s request.

At any rate, I have bought up a few of these earrings. I am planning to offer them as a special gift to my customers when my new designs go on sale in my Etsy shop. Please subscribe to my mailing list for this offer!

Well, it felt wrong to vanish without posting a few of my new designs first (and of course, I had to get one last “making-new-listing” rush ^^), so here they are. These will be listed with an announcement in the item descriptions, so they will hopefully help draw people to my shop front to learn about my shop going on vacation. Please check them out in my Etsy store.



Rae’s Creations Square ButtonMy Etsy shop is closing (for now)
After a year of Etsy bliss, I am closing my shop in order to take a break from selling activities and channel my energy into the creative process, and also to give due attention to my (other) career. The plan is to re-launch my shop around October for everyone’s holiday shopping needs. Current listings in my store are still available for sale, but no new items will be posted.

Maybe on Etsy, maybe not…
The new Rae’s Creations store might or might not be on Etsy. Judging from the speed with which Etsy evolves, there is a possibility that it will have a completely different landscape as a marketplace by then. I very much hope to continue on Etsy, but I will need to weigh my options for various selling venues for the re-launch.

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My Etsy shop is 1-year old as of 05/08 2007. What a year it has been! I am having a sale to celebrate it. The scoop:
  • sale ends on 05/15
  • 20-15% off on select items
  • A FREE surprise GIFT for all orders over $25 (after discount, excluding shipping charges)
I thank my super customers and wonderful Etsy friends. You know who you are! ^^

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P.P.S. My jewelry is going fast! Inventory has shrunken half down to 37 items.

P.P.P.S I am closing my shop indefinitely at the end of this sale. Please see my other post here.

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