I’m Rae, and I love to create.
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me 1976  Rae circa 1976
me 2006  now big enough for the shades

It all began when the clasp of my favorite necklace broke. I remembered seeing a bead shop downtown Philadelphia, and thought I’d try to find a way to fix it there. I entered the shop, and I stood there, mesmerized. That was 2002.

Now I’m a full-on bead addict. I scour the internet for unusual gemstone beads and findings for hours. I dream about wrapping briolettes. My fingers are tender from handling wire and tools all the time. As if those were not enough, it seems that I have now found a way to talk about my own work, on this very blog!

I thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy browsing… and please visit often. ;-)